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Matt + Brian Sarasota, Florida – Connection

May 13, 2016

Sharing these images are very special to me. ¬†This is Matt and Brian ūüôā I proudly get to call Matt also known as (Matty) my best friend. ¬†I should be sharing this beautiful love story between the two of them (and I will) but first I would like to share the love story of Matt. ¬†The night Matt and I met we were at a roof top bar in St Pete back in 2011. ¬†Matt and I made eye contact and immediately gravitated towards each other. ¬†By the end of the night we promised each other we would be best friends forever. ¬†Those are some pretty serious words for two people that had just met. ¬†Yet, here we are 5 years later our lives have both changed so much but one thing has stayed the same is our friendship. ¬†Since then I have been married and had a baby. ¬†He now lives here in Sarasota has a beautiful relationship with Matt and they have a dog Max together.

When I first heard about Brian¬†I could immediately tell there was something different. ¬†Matt spoke about him as in a way of wanting to settle down and spend his nights at home and build a life. ¬†This is unlike the Matt I have heard before. ¬†Brian had moved down here on a contract to be an actor here in Sarasota and they immediately hit it off. ¬†I couldn’t be happier with the person that Matt has decided to share his life with. ¬†Brian is everything I would hope for him to have in a partner and in a friend for myself. ¬†They compliment each other in a way you rarely get to see. ¬†They are both so full of life and excitement yet ground each other. ¬†Now instead of having nights of just Matty and I watching TV and gossiping for hours I have a new friend to share this time with as well. ¬†I love watching their beautiful relationship together and how even almost two years later they still stare at each other with complete adoration as if they had only been dating two weeks. ¬†I can not wait to see the life that these two build together. ¬†I love you Matty, Brian, and of course Max!


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  1. Darren says:

    Lovely images and write up!

  2. This session made me cry! It is so beautiful and so full of love. What an amazing couple and you did such an incredible job of capturing the love between them.

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