Heather Lauren


Brett + Rachel Connection Session Sarasota, FL

October 31, 2016

I have a feeling shooting Brett and Rachel’s wedding will be one for the books.  We initially had to reschedule their session because a hurricane was coming through the area and red tide hit Siesta Key pretty hard.  After rescheduling I arrive to their friend’s home… who I later found out was a friend of mine as well (small world!).  The sky was the perfect type of cloudy to set the type of mood her dress deserved.  There is nothing more I can ask in an outfit than the type of fabric the wind will whip around.  Chatting with them came very easy.  I absolutely fell in love with Rachel though when she looked at me mischievously and said…. “Think we should jump in the pool?” the answer is yes… always yes JUMP in the pool!  To say this couple was fun doesn’t even begin to describe the level of fun they have achieved.  I got to photograph them jumping into the water and dunking each other.  If this is what I get from an engagement session.  I can not wait to photograph their wedding.  heather-lauren-photography-3 heather-lauren-photography-4 heather-lauren-photography-5 heather-lauren-photography-6 heather-lauren-photography-7 heather-lauren-photography-8 heather-lauren-photography-9 heather-lauren-photography-10 heather-lauren-photography-11 heather-lauren-photography-12 heather-lauren-photography-13 heather-lauren-photography-14 heather-lauren-photography-15 heather-lauren-photography-16 heather-lauren-photography-17 heather-lauren-photography-18



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