Heather Lauren


Tony + Ali Fort Desoto Engagement

October 25, 2017

Ali and Tony… where do I start?  With us drinking coffee and realizing we all prefer beer more 🙂 Tony a bartender and Ali a recent college grad both with very cool laid back vibes.  We first met at a little local coffee shop in St Pete Florida we talked about their taste in music their love of craft beers and life plans.  It honestly doesn’t get much better than that.  To say I can not wait until their wedding is an understatement.  Over the course of their engagement I feel as if Ali and I have become friends.  Casually sharing jokes via snapchat and making plans to hang out.  I can honestly say without a doubt this wedding will not be work.  They have made me feel as if I’m a guest and there for the party.  Which is about as laid back and untraditional as they want their wedding to be.

We met in the parking lot of Fort Desoto Park just right at golden hour.  We first wandered the fort capturing photos however as soon as we headed out to the beach we found a grave of burned bicycles.  The plot looked like nothing more than singed grass and twisted metal.  A fire had just very recently burned down a bicycle shack.  It was unfortunate that this tragedy happened however we could not pass on this unique photo opportunity for Tony and Ali to capture a few poses in this extremely unique setting.  It matched their personalities perfectly.  They ran down the beach holding hands walked around on slippery cement without incident and to cap the night off the tossed each other around in the water.  It was perfect.  This session to date is my absolute favorite I have ever captured.  I can guarantee their wedding will be just as much of an experience as their session was.

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