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Costa Rica Nauyaca Falls Engagement

November 2, 2017

Costa Rica is very near and dear to my heart.  Nauyaca Falls happens to be one of my favorite places to visit when I go there.  I was so lucky to capture this beautiful couple for some engagement photos.  Nauyaca Falls isn’t the easiest of places to find but it’s one of the most breath taking places in Costa Rica to get engagement photos.  The hike out there is several kilometers through an extremely rough terrain.  I always recommend people going out there especially if it’s for an engagement session but be prepared for a long walk up hill both ways and bring water.

Nauyaca Falls has two falls this fall is directly below the waterfall above, making extremely fun to climb and jump into a pool of water.  There are tourists that come here but it’s never over crowded.  The one thing I always tell people going out there to shoot wedding or engagement photos expect that their is a good possibility you will get rained on.  When hiking out there with my camera and my couple I always bring a water proof bag.  Unfortunately the first time I made this hike I had severe water damage to one of my lenses while out there trying to get that last shot.  Of course it started down pouring and it is several kilometers back.  Costa Rica has so many beautiful places but this one is at the top of my list of favorite places to see.

The couple that came out there with me handled the terrain so much better than I did as they are locals and go often.  What I loved about them was even though we all had a very definite language barrier the way they interacted together was really truly beautiful to watch.  She is absolutely beautiful and you could tell he only had eyes for her.  He constantly doted on her touching her reassuring her.  These sweet gestures made for one epic engagement session.


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